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Download Cydia iPhone 6

Welcome, new iPhone users. Now you can enjoy with cydia. iPhone 6 went on 19th of September in 2014 with lots of new hardware and software changes such as 2GB RAM, A8 processor, 8MP camera, curved screen, 389 ppi ultra-retina screen and etc. iOS 9.2 is currently available as the latest firmware version for all iOS devices including iPhone 6. As you know that every iOS version brings new cydia hopes for apple users. But still iOS 9.2 jailbreak is impossible. Therefore, apple users opt to avoid iOS 9.2 until confirm its jailbreak possibility. On 27th of October in 2015 Pangu team successfully jailbroken iOS 9 to iOS 9.0.2 and iOS 9 is the final jailbroken firmware yet. If your iPhone 6 running on iOS 9 then you can gain Cydia iPhone 6 to customize your device with the ton of new releases cydia tweaks, apps, games, themes, mods and more.

Now all iPhone 6 users can modify their devices from cydia that gives so many functions than usual apple app store. If you wish to gain cydia on your iPhone 6 first make sure and identify your device is running on iOS 9 and then apply the most suitable jailbreak method of Pangu 9. Here is the complete guide.

cydia iphone 6

Before you download cydia iPhone 6

We strongly recommend following official methods for success with the process. Otherwise, the final result will damage the device. First of all, you must prepare your device for Cydia iPhone 6 according to below instructions :

  • Enable Airplane mode in your iPhone 6
  • Disable Find my iPhone and Passcode or Touch ID options from iPhone 6’ settings.
  • Deactivate anti-virus protector, otherwise, it will block the process.
  • Backup is compulsory prior to the process. When you something goes wrong backup can use to restore your device.
  • Download Pangu 1.2.0 latest firmware from Pangu’s official server.
  • Requirements for the mechanism : A windows based computer, fully charged device battery, proper USB data cable.

How to download cydia iPhone 6 using Pangu 9

  • Right click on downloaded Pangu 9 exe and select “Run as Administrator” to open it.
  • Connect your iPhone 6 to PC through USB cable and click START button.
  • Click “ALREADY BACKUP” button from next window to continue the process.
  • Pangu will take few minutes to finish the process.
  • After short while your iPhone 6 will reboot automatically.
  • Congratulations. Now you have successfully jailbroken iPhone 6. Now you can see the cydia icon on your iOS device home screen.

If you failed on the jailbreak in several times you can try again after enable airplane mode in your idevice or restore using Pangu’s restore function. Do not use your device during the process. We cannot assume the responsible of any device damages. So enter the process at your own risk. Wait with us for more.

How to download cydia iOS 9.2

On 8th of December 2015 apple has released iOS 9.2 which including support for AT&T’s NumberSync, support for Mail drop in Mail, improvements for Safari view controller, iPhone supports for Apple’s USB camera adapter and fixed several bugs. Have any upgraded device into iOS 9.2, you can’t Cydia download iOS 9.2 until anybody find a real solution to jailbreak iOS 9.2. Nowadays, everybody is waiting on the internet that searching jailbreak method to gain cydia on their devices, but frankly say we do not have the official path for iOS 9.2 jailbreak.

We know that most of the jailbreakers working hard to find any of security hole in iOS 9.2 system to insert jailbreak code. Even cydia fans are waiting to hear good news about cydia. Anyway, we believe iOS 9.2 jailbreak tool in nearly day, immediately. Hence, we are looking about the history of iOS 9.2 jailbreak. You should wait with us along if you need to hear glad news about iOS 9.1/9.2 jailbreak. We always ready to tag real news in the jailbreak history.

cydia download ios 9.2

Zerodium Team Closed Down Bounty – Zerodium Security Browser Based Jailbreak Tool iOS 9.1/iOS 9.2

As you know that, Zerodium team, a premium zero-day acquisition platform was announced a one million dollar bounty for who are can find an untethered browser- based jailbreak for iOS 9 with the operating system update was released officially. In nearly day, Zerodiun closed bounty and they announced that an unknown hacking team was created a browser-based jailbreak for iOS 9.1 as well they successfully jailbroken iOS 9.1/iOS 9.2. Additionally, they confirmed this jailbreak tool supports for iOS 9.2 also.

JailbreakMe is the final browser-based jailbreak for apple device that was released back in 2011. It was released by the well-known hacker Comex. Anyway, The team of Zerodium posted on their twitter page like this :

ios 9.2 jailbroken

Actually, this is the great news for cydia fans, because most probably the unknown team will bring the tool in nearly future. The news hints us that iOS 9.1 and iOS 9.2 can be jailbroken.

Pangu and TaiG have been working for iOS 9.2

According to most rumors, Pangu and TaiG are still working on iOS 9.2. We can believe that Pangu or TaiG can be discovered iOS 9.2 jailbreak tool. But as my review, Pangu jailbreak is difficult to confirm for iOS 9.2, because apple said again and again that they killed Pangu jailbreak ability from iOS 9.2. However, we haven’t provided any hint who will be the winner of the Cydia download iOS 9.2 competition.

Cydia iOS 9.2 – Status Update

Besides of iOS 9.1, We saw Apple’s next iOS update of 9.2 released for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch with various improvements and fixing some bugs. Nowadays, we are looking at the jailbreak status for iOS cydia iOS 9.2. Still, there is no any good news about cydia iOS 9.2 for their all iDevices. We always ready to bring hot news about iOS 9.2 jailbreak, because everybody is waiting for jailbreak their devices. This is the right place to take non-fake instructions and we bring real path with official jailbreak solution. Anyway, still we cannot jailbreak iOS 9.2  the latest firmware version for cydia. Hence, we are looking for the real situation of cydia iOS 9.2.

Preparations for cydia iOS 9.2

In nearly one month after released iOS 9, Pangu team discovered iOS 9 jailbreak solution that surprising everybody.  With iOS 9 jailbreak tool, every cydia fans able to get the awesome experience with cydia. iOS 9 jailbreak is the current jailbreak situation. Anybody can download Pangu’s new edition from Pangu official server or our previous articles.

After jailbreak iOS 9, apple did not late to release their next iOS version of iOS 9.1 with fixing several bugs with the enhanced security system that smashing big hopes of the jailbreak. Besides the iOS 9.1, iOS consumers found iOS 9.2 in the unprompted moment. iOS 9.2 was released on 8th of December 2015. Do you remember that everybody expect to see the next jailbreak solution for iOS 9.1/ iOS 9.2 before the end of the 2015. But we seem that it does not come true before 2016. According to apple, they could patch pangu 9 jailbreak in iOS 9.2 to caused Cydia iOS 9.2.

cydia iOS 9.2

Now anybody can update their iDevices into iOS 9.2, but there is still no cydia and jailbreak ability. So we recommend to void iOS 9.2 update temporarily until iOS 9.2 jailbreak confirms. If you are currently using your dream app cydia, we highly recommend to ignore iOS 9.2.


We noticed that some sites provide other methods to download cydia iOS 9.2/iOS 9.1. But we clearly say that you cannot get cydia for iOS 9.2 unjailbroken devices without official jailbreak solution. Do not follow them and these services are not real methods. Keep in mind that you do not pay for official iOS 9.2 jailbreak tool you are unable to download cydia following these fake instructions. So wait with us for real information.

When will be release iOS 9.2 jailbreak solution?

Here is the good news for you. The famed team of ZEydRODIUM’s millions dollar iOS 9 bug bounty program was made the competition to give money who found the real solution for Cydia iOS 9.2. One of the team was made the browser based for iOS 9.1/iOS 9.2 and they won one million dollars. But there is no any official message to release this solution for fans. So, still any jailbreak team can get this great chance to release their jailbreak solution for cydia iOS 9.2, this is the best time to bring it.